The cooling and heating system account for almost half of your home’s energy costs. If you are relying on a thermostat that was installed around 15 years when your home was built, its time for you to consider an upgrade.

You don’t need to sound like a broken record reminding your kids to turn off the lights when they leave the room. Here are some tips to get kids involved in saving energy. We’ve included some kid-friendly online resources to make learning about energy efficiency fun too.  Kids learn behaviours by observing their parents’ behaviours. It’s the classic advice of show, don’t tell.

For years, blind people have relied on screen readers — technology that reads aloud text on your computer or device's display. 

Your eyes are watery, your nose is itchy and you can’t stop sneezing – welcome to springtime allergy season.

One of the biggest heating and cooling equipment trends of the green movement over the past 10 years has been the growing popularity of tankless—also known as on-demand—water heaters in new construction and retrofit projects across Canada and the United States.

It always happens when you are not home. “Did I switch off the television? Did I actually close the front door?” Small elements of doubt start creeping into your mind.

Homeowners who complete energy-efficient renovations will be eligible for thousands of dollars in rebates under a new program announced by Ontario’s environment minister Wednesday. Chris Ballard said the government will use $600 millio