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Water Purifications Products and Services

A lot of things happen to our water before reaching us, make sure it's clean

Pentair helps communities and businesses manage and treat their water supply. We don’t take clean, safe water at the tap for granted: we help make it possible. Pentair’s water filtration and purification technology serves industrial, residential, commercial, and municipal customers.

Carbon water filters are designed using carbon as the primary filtering agent. The carbon in many cases is solid and the water runs through it and is purified. This filtering process removes bad taste and, more importantly, dangerous contaminants that compromise human health.

Reverse Osmosis can remove 97% of total dissolved solids in the drinking water and filter the water for drinking and comes with a small faucet

Whole-Home Combo Filters (Activated Carbon Filter + Water Softener) All In One Consists of 3 Filtration stages + Water Softener

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