Canadian Choice

High-Efficiency Systems Advantage

Canadian Choice Home Services is a Canadian owned and operated company.
Providing the best service possible with over 15 years of experience.

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Canadian Choice Home Services provides furnaces, air conditioners, water filtration and purification equipment, water heaters, air filtration, solar energy and new construction equipment for residential homes. The quality of our installation and service is supreme and incomparable to other companies in the field.

What Canadian Choice Stands For

Increasing Household Efficiency

Here at Canadian Choice Home Services, homeowner needs and environmental needs go hand in hand. Every time we upgrade homes, we not only make them eco-friendly and sustainable, but we help homeowners save thousands on their Energy costs.

Reduce Energy Bills For Our Customers

By updating to any of our equipment, you are reducing your cost of Energy (Natural Gas and Electricity), which is protecting you against the volatile energy prices and makes it much more manageable for you.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Having a high-efficient equipment means using less energy, which in turn reduces your carbon footprint and provides us with a cleaner environment. Latest high-efficiency units will help increase energy efficiency in your home by as much as 70%.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with the finest service in order for them to have the peace of mind for the most important equipment in their homes.

Our Vision

To transform homes into sustainable, energy-efficient households with zero impact on the environment.

Our Goal

To increase household efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of every home in Canada, to provide chemical-free water and eliminate bottled water. Home water filtration is eco-friendly and better for the planet.

Our Promise for High Efficiency Systems

Canadian Choice Home Services was founded on the premise of helping Canadian Homeowners by increasing their household efficiency and reducing utility consumption. Our technical and service team members are all certified, licensed, and capable of handling any job. We are constantly growing our Technical and Support teams in order to make sure there will always be someone to provide the finest service. Our Sales Managers and marketing team, strive on product knowledge and continuous growth.

Reasons to Choose Us

Achieving Results

Since we are well connected with everyone that is part of our day to day process, we always make sure we keep constantly improving and achieving the goals we propose as a company. It is our way to make sure we move forward to make sure that only the best is delivered to our customers.

We’re Competitive

As a company, we constantly work hard to prove that we will stand out in every area. We have the most recent, newest machines for the best possible price. We work on a day-to-day basis to prove that your expectations will be met and that our products will speak for themselves.

Well Resourced

As we have been on the market for years, it is easier for us to be prepared for unexpected situations. Our customers will always need an experienced team that knows how to deal with problems in a professional and timely efficient manner. That is something we have been known for and have successfully delivered in all of our products and services.

We’re Well Connected

We have outstanding specialists in every area related to heating, cooling, water treatment, air filtration and smart home. We have the best suppliers around the globe who can guarantee that you’re not just getting the most updated material for your money, but you are also getting the highest quality of all as well.

Explore Our Careers

We are constantly looking growing our team in order to provide the finest service and grow continuously.

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