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When an unexpected breakdown occurs, it’s nice to know that you are protected through our Heating and Cooling Protection Plans. Making sure you, your family, and your home are comfortable is our number one priority!
We offer 24-hour service, seven days per week, 365 days per year, and our large network of certified technicians will be there to fix any issue with your heating or cooling equipment.
With our pay it forward protection program, not only are you protected from any unexpected breakdowns but we will maintain your units annually and a portion of the monthly payment will go towards a credit for a new system for when that time comes!

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Our Technicians

The technicians we employ are insured and bonded. They have received the highest level of training to ensure that they are capable of resolving any system breakdowns you might experience. Keeping our customers happy is priority #1 for our service professionals at Canadian choicehs. You will find this out when you take full advantage of our Heating Protection Plans.

Our technicians are also the most competent in the area. They plan ahead so that they can provide you with the most efficient services possible. They make sure they have everything in their vehicles before you contact us for service. You never have to worry about them making several trips to address your service requests. With our Heating Protection Plans, we make sure you always receive fast and efficient service.

A Home Service Company You Can Trust

We offer you a consultation to discuss our process for installing your furnace. You are encouraged to contact us if you have questions about our process for installing your furnace.

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No Hidden Fees, best prices

We’re upfront with our pricing and give homeowners the most competitive pricing. We save homeowners money on their HVAC and water treatment systems.

Free consultation

We identify the best prices, plans and equipment to suit your home’s unique heating, cooling and water treatment needs. Every home and homeowner is different and we strive to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

energy efficiency

We focus on only installing the highest efficiency air conditioners, furnaces, and water heaters. We do our part to positively impact the environment and improve homeowner’s efficiency.

“I received excellent customer service Canadian choicehs yesterday. They guided me through the furnace selection process with ease, helped me to get a furnace right away in my no heat emergency situation. I am looking forward to having my furnace installed today. I would highly recommend energywise for your future business.”


“I had an old furnace and called multiple technicians to repair it. Finally I had enough and decided to replace it as my bills were too high every month. Anthony came by and had a look and explained I could get a new furnace with no upfront cost that would reduce my bill. Super helpful and friendly service. They came and installed it the next day.”



We install the highest energy-efficient furnaces on the market with a minimum efficiency rating of 95% or higher. We install a range of furnace sizes to account for any home size.


We install only energy-efficient air conditioners for homeowners. We carry only the top energy efficient brands to keep you cool during those hot summer months.


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