Rebates & Incentives

Receive Up to $5,000 in rebates when upgrading your Furnace and Air Conditioner Upgrade your home and save money doing so!

Current Rebates Available

Home Insulation

1 - Attic/ceiling insulation
2 - Exterior wall insulation
3 - Exposed floor insulation
4 - Basement/foundation insulation
5 - Crawlspaces insulation

Up To



Eligible for the purchase of a furnace equipped with a high efficiency motor (electronically commutated motor or ECM).

Up To


Windows and Doors

each rough opening is eligible


$125 or $250


must be combined with another energy efficiency retrofit

Up To


Space and Water Heating

Ground Source Heat Pumps
Air Source Heat Pumps and Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps
Heat Pump Water Heaters (max $1000)

Up To


Renewable Energy

Eligible when installating a new ENERGY STAR®-approved tankless water heater.

Up To


Resiliency Measures

must be combined with another energy efficiency-retrofit

Cash Rebate


Home’s Energy Efficiency

Get up to $5,000 in rebates for insulation, air sealing, new windows/doors, water heaters, boilers, furnaces and home energy assessments.

Cash Rebate


Exterior Wall Insulation

Without properly insulated walls, outside air can seep in and out, wasting valuable energy dollars.

Basement Insulation

Insulating your basement can keep rooms above more comfortable and prevent moisture damage.


Ultra-quiet and more energy-efficient, boilers can help reduce heating costs.

Attic Insulation

A well-insulated attic prevents air and money from escaping through your roof.

Water Heater

Water heating accounts for the second largest energy use in your home, so it’s worth the upgrade.


High efficiency pays. You must complete at least three upgrades to qualify for the furnace rebate.

Air Sealing

Sealing cracks in walls, doors and windows can save money by preventing energy from escaping.


Energy-efficient windows, skylights and doors can prevent condensation and eliminate drafts.

Enbridge HER+ Plus Quick Incentive Guide

Homeowners in Ontario now have access to the Canada Greener Homes Grant via the HER+ program. It is open for all eligible Ontarians regardless of their heating fuel type. Through the HER+ program, rebates are provided toward the cost of eligible retrofits such as home insulation, windows and doors and renewable energy systems as a comprehensive offer to help Ontarians optimize energy savings in their homes. Additionally, participants can offset the cost of their EnerGuide home assessment with a rebate of up to $600.

Rebates & Incentives to Help You Save More

Currently covering Ontario and Alberta, expanding daily

Save up to $850 with furnace and air conditioning rebates and live more comfortably. Electric heating? Get up to $5,800 in heat pump rebates from Save on Energy and the Green Ontario Fund. Upgrade your heating and cooling system and you could save up to $325 a year in energy costs. Install a heat pump and reduce your heating costs by up to 50 per cent NOW!

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