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Canadian Choice Home Services proudly offers modern & efficient furnaces to Mississauga and the surrounding area. Our certified experts can help you find any Mississauga furnace system that works best for your home. We understand that even the thought of facing harsh winters without a reliable furnace is annoying. So, our team of furnace technicians in Mississauga will provide you with systems and installation services that will help you enjoy the upcoming winter. We are your trusted HVAC system company with years of experience in offering top-quality heating and cooling systems, including central and ductless air conditioningheat pumpswater softeners, and furnaces in Mississauga. You can always expect unparalleled customer service when partnering with our Mississauga furnace professionals. Contact us for consultation.


If you’re a Mississauga resident, you know how important it is to properly prepare for the icy cold winters. With an average of -9 degrees in January, it is pretty self-explanatory that one wouldn’t be able to survive winter without the proper furnace in Mississauga. The furnace is one of the classic methods of keeping the temperature at your home and commercial buildings at a desirable level. Canadian Choice Home Services offers quality furnaces in Mississauga that have been an efficient and cost-effective part of HVAC systems for a long time. We offer a wide range of modern, affordable Mississauga furnaces and installation services from expert furnace techs that will guarantee ultimate results. Contact our office for a consultation about furnace systems in Mississauga.    

FAQs about Furnace systems in Mississauga

If you are still unsure about which furnace brand and type in Mississauga is the right fit for your home, it’s time to contact the Canadian Choice team. We combine our experience and expertise to offer the best options when it comes to purchasing a new furnace in Mississauga. Below, we have also answered some of your most common questions to help you make a better decision. Please feel free to get in touch with our team if you inquire more information not covered in this list. We have been a leading HVAC and attic insulation provider in Mississauga for many years.


A furnace is a heating system that uses a flow of warm air throughout the building to reach desired heat. While older forms of furnaces used to use coal and wood as fuel, the more modern versions take electricity, propane, and natural gas to help them function properly. Our Mississauga furnaces at Canadian Choice Home Services come in several types. You can find single-stage furnaces, two-stage furnaces, as well as variable-speed furnaces in the market. These furnaces use the same basic principles to warm up your house or workplace. However, they have their own differences when it comes to their method of operation. In addition, the kind of fuel the furnace uses also makes a difference in how they work. We can always help you find the right fit for your home when purchasing a new furnace in Mississauga. Do not hesitate to contact us.

It’s no question that you need a furnace for your Mississauga property to be able to survive the harsh winter of the city. But what if you already have a furnace that has been working for a long time? You might think that your old furnace can still keep you warm during cold winter nights. That is not exactly the case, though. After 15-20 years of working, your furnace might lose half of its efficiency. This will require you to use more energy and money, in effect, to reach your desired temperature with a new furnace system in Mississauga. In order to prevent that, you should consider upgrading your furnace. At Canadian Choice Home Services, we offer 96% high-efficient furnaces in Mississauga that will be an obvious improvement from the older 50-65% efficiency furnace you already have. On top of that, our Mississauga furnace technicians can help you choose the best size and brand of furnace in for your specific needs and requirements.

Although the brand you choose is an important determinant of how long your furnace works, it is still crucial to hire a team of professional furnace technicians in Mississauga to help you get this part of your HVAC system installed. Although you might not know it, the installation method, the reliability of the company your partner with, and whether or not they offer a warranty for the appliances make a lot of difference when it comes to getting or upgrading your furnace in Mississauga.

If you’d like to know more about the types of furnaces that we provide here at Canadian Choice Home Services, or if you are interested in getting or upgrading your Mississauga furnace as soon as possible, contact us at your earliest convenience.

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