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Need a Furnace in Toronto?

Now you can start looking forward to winter with a quality furnace in Toronto provided by Canadian Choice Home Services. Featuring the highest level of efficiency, you will save money while enjoying the utmost level of comfort through our Toronto furnace services. We ensure your new furnace provides consistent, pleasant heating for years to come. If you need a new furnace and furnace installation in Toronto, it’s time to call Canadian Choice Home Services.

Energy-Efficient Furnaces for Toronto Residents

Everyone requires a functional heating system as the winter season approaches in Toronto. Choosing the heating system that guarantees your comfort and fulfills your needs is essential. You can simply reach out to our heating experts to pick the right furnaces in Toronto without spending a lot of money. Canadian Choice Home Services is proud to raise the bar for the quality of Toronto furnace installation & services. To learn more about the cost of furnaces and installation services in Toronto and the neighborhood, get in touch with our team today.

The Advantages of Our Toronto Furnaces

We continue to remain your one-stop shop and strive for the absolute best when it comes to purchasing new furnace equipment in Toronto. You can always trust our experts and technician top-quality HVAC systems, including combi boilersair conditionerswater heaters, and water purifications. Below we have pulled together some of the advantages of the furnaces we offer to Toronto homeowners:

Lower Cost of Ownership

With durable construction built to last and meeting the highest standards, our Toronto furnaces reduce energy costs and the need for heating maintenance.

Reliable Furnace Installation 

Our skilled technicians can properly install your new furnace for the best operation. You can always count on our team to provide you with honest information and recommendations when buying & installing a new furnace in Toronto.

What to Consider When Buying a New Furnace for Your Home?

When purchasing a new furnace for your Toronto home, you should take some essential considerations so that you can get the best device possible. An energy-efficient furnace unit plays a crucial role if you want to keep your home as comfortable and cozy as possible. If you aim to buy an efficient furnace at our Toronto company, you would better pay attention to the following items:

Buying a New Furnace According to the Climate

Some types of furnaces may work better than others, depending on your region. So, you can choose a furnace that has the best saving and efficiency, paying attention to the climate of your living area.

The Best Type of Furnace for Your Home

Furnaces are offered at various types and prices. The most popular furnaces include modulating gas furnaces, single-stage gas furnaces, two-stage gas furnaces, electric furnaces, and oil furnaces. Our expert furnace professionals in Toronto will tell you which one works best for your home.

Fuel Source of the Furnace

Whatever the brand, size, or model, you should consider the fuel source of your furnace as well. For instance, electric furnaces may seem energy-efficient but will result in high-cost energy bills.

Energy-Efficiency of Your New Furnace 

An energy-efficient furnace can bring many advantages to your wallet, but it is not the whole. Energy efficiency among furnaces is also beneficial for the environment. So, if you are looking for an energy-efficient furnace in Toronto that is suitable for your home as well, our technicians at Canadian Choice Home Services can help you professionally. 

5-Star Customer Services

We are committed to quality furnace services for Toronto residents, which explains why we have received many 5-star Google reviews. Customer satisfaction is always our paramount priority.


CCHS Programs​

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Pre-Inspection at No Charge

A pre-inspection may be required to ensure the new unit will fit your home perfectly and meet your needs.

No Upfront Payments

$0 installation and $0 upfront cost for the equipment.

Replacement Parts Included

Should a part not be repairable, we’ll replace it at no additional cost to you.

Future Labour Included

We’ll cover all labour costs for technician visits, should a repair be needed on our equipment.

After-Hours Service Line

Need some help after regular business hours? Call our service line and get the support you need.

24/7 Emergency Service (No additional charge)

We provide fast, efficient, around-the-clock emergency support to our customers across the country.

Transferrable Ownership

Equipment ownership is transferrable if you decide to sell your home.

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