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 Here at Canadian Choice Home Services, we can help you get your ideal bathroom at an affordable cost. With our bathroom renovation services in Toronto, you can turn your bathroom into a clean, safe, and soothing space you would love spending time in. Our bathroom renovation services in Toronto include everything from upgrading your bathtub to giving you modern shower walls that are not only stylish, but mold-free as well!

If you wish to know more about the bathroom renovation services in Toronto offered by Canadian Choice Home Services, you should give us a call as soon as possible! You can also continue reading this page for more information about the bathroom renovation services in Toronto provided by Canadian Choice Home Services.


  • Bathroom renovation in Toronto: bathtub upgrade

Dealing with an old tub is one probably next to eating at a public restroom on our list of things to do. Old tubs are a hassle to deal with. They get moldy and their faucets get problematic after a while. On top of that, cleaning them is a struggle of its own. For all the reasons above, Canadian Choice Home Services offers a wide range of services and products when it comes to upgrading old bathtubs in Toronto. Our bathtubs here at Canadian Choice Home Services are soaker tubs with smooth walls made of acrylic, which makes them easier to clean. On top of that, Meon faucets are taken advantage of in our bathtubs in Toronto. To add up to that, you can also get a crescent shower curtain rod with your brand-new bathtub in Toronto. All of our products and services here at Canadian Choice Home Services are of the greatest quality. Regarding our bathtubs in Toronto, they are installed for you by a team of experts at Canadian Choice Home Services, and they’re guaranteed as well! What’s even better is that you can have our team here at Canadian Choice Home Services get rid of your old bathtub in Toronto for you. Keep in mind that when getting a bathtub upgrade in Toronto from Canadian Choice Home Services, you can ask us for your desired color and size!

If you need to know more about our Toronto bathtub upgrades, call Canadian Choice Home Services today!

  • Bathroom renovation in Toronto: tub to shower conversion

Complete tub to shower conversion in Toronto is one of the most-requested services here at Canadian Choice Home Services. When you purchase a complete tub to shower conversion package in Toronto, you’re getting a new shower base made of acrylic, with a smooth wall system that allows you for an easy cleaning process. A frameless, in-line sliding shower door is another thing you’re purchasing as a part of your tub to shower conversion package in Toronto, along with a Meon faucet. As mentioned before, our products and services here at Canadian Choice Home Services are guaranteed and customizable. We will install the new products for you and get rid of your old ones too!

Call us for more information about our tub to shower conversion packages in Toronto.

  • Bathroom renovation in Toronto: bathroom wall systems

As a part of our bathroom renovation services in Toronto, Canadian Choice Home Services offers bathroom wall upgrades to the residents of Toronto and the surrounding area. Our bathroom walls are made of acrylic. The acrylic texture makes our bathwalls in Toronto easy to ship, install, and clean. However, we have managed to give these affordable walls the fancy appearance of marble or tile. The high-end look will make you fall in love with your bathroom after it’s installed. There are many benefits to choosing acrylic as the main component of your bathroom walls. Acrylic is durable and long-lasting and is resistant to grime, bacteria, and breakage. The texture also allows for easier shipping and stocking, which makes it more cost-effective. On top of that, you can trust one of our technicians here at Canadian Choice Home Services to install your new bathroom walls for you in only 2-3 hours. The acrylic texture allows for the walls to easily fit into any situation. On top of that, the acrylic prevents leakage and water damage from happening. The fact that your walls will look like marble at the end is also remarkable.

Why get acrylic shower walls?

Acrylic shower walls in Toronto are developed in many customizable styles. They are more affordable than tile and marble and require minimum cleaning and maintenance.

You can only use a mild soap or cleaner for your new acrylic bathwalls in Toronto and you’ll still get the same brand-new bathroom wall effect after! On top of that, the acrylic bathwalls will resist mold, mildew, and bacteria infestation, as well as water damages such as leakage. There will also be no scratching or chipping threatening your new bathroom walls in Toronto when you get our acrylic bathwalls.

Our acrylic bathwalls at Canadian Choice

Here at Canadian Choice Home Services, we offer two main sets of acrylic bathwalls. Each of these are made to satiate a certain group of people’s taste.

If you’re looking for an elegant style of shower walls to please your aesthetic taste, we present to you: Classic Stone Series. With 8 different styles of stones offered to you in the form of smooth, textured, or filed walls, Classic Stone Series brings charm, delicacy, and luxury to your bathrooms.

Classic Stone Series

Calcutta Marble

A high-end finish with bold, dramatic, and unstructured veins

Carrara Marble

Inspired by the marble found in the mounts outside Carrara, Tuscany, this marble is white or blue/grey, with soft, plentiful veins in it.

Classic white

A minimalist white that can bring elegance into any bathroom.



Tuscan marble



Styles and accessories

Calcutta and Carrara marbles are only available in smooth walls.

Other parts of the series are available in:

  • Smooth
  • Textured
  • 12*12 tile
  • 12*20 tile
  • Subway tile

Accessories are only available in the same color/pattern that the wall includes:

  • Full height tower caddies
  • Three tiered caddy
  • Decorative trim
  • Glass and acrylic corner shelves
  • Accent and waterfall panels
  • Acrylic window shutters

If you are more interested in a slick, modern appearance, then you should take advantage of our Illusion Series. Brought to you by Canadian Choice Home Services, our Illusion series is available in 6 different patterns and 2 grout colors.

  • 3*6 subway
  • Trendz
  • 12*24 vertical
  • 6*12 subway
  • Herringbone
  • Hexogon

Grout colors:

  • Black
  • Silver

On top of that, at Canadian Choice Home Services, we can get you custom patterns for large orders. If you have more questions, just give us a call!

As you can see, the bathroom renovation services in Toronto offered by Canadian Choice Home Services are comprehensive and extensive. With our help, you can:

  • Get a full bathroom renovation in Toronto
  • Upgrade your bathtub to soaker, whirpool, and air tubs.
  • Get custom bathwall systems
  • Get walk-in tub with fast flow drain
  • Get new sinks, faucets, vanities
  • And many more!

Call us if you have any other questions regarding our bathroom renovation services in Toronto.

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