Benefits of a new Thermostat

The cooling and heating system account for almost half of your home’s energy costs. If you are relying on a thermostat that was installed around 15 years when your home was built, its time for you to consider an upgrade.

Here are a some of the reasons why you may want to replace your old thermostat with a new and smart model.

Lower Energy Expense: The new thermostats are designed to improve efficiency along with optimizing user experience. The new smart thermostats available in the market come with programmable settings and sensors that would reduce the overall energy needs. According to the US Department of energy, homeowners who upgrade to smart thermostats may save around 10% on the bills.

Better Home comfort:  The new smart thermostat technology allows homeowners to experience the temperatures they want without foregoing the energy saving settings. New thermostats would improve overall air quality experience in your home. The new thermostats provide an enhanced experience compared to the old thermostats right from creating customized settings that adjust temperature accordingly while receiving the right amount of air flow.

Future proof your home: Connected living in a home is a growing trend now. Having a new thermostat is not just a modern convenience but an investment. While investing in a new thermostat you can adapt to the future technology enjoying the current benefits.

Reduce Environmental Footprint: The new smart thermostats use less energy compared to the old thermostats. If you are looking for a more sustainable and environment friendly living the new thermostat that responds to fluctuations in the temperature and your needs throughout the day can also benefit the environment.

Upgrading to a smart Thermostat:  Having a new smart thermostat is a small investment if you look at the long-term rewards. Having a smart thermostat would give you an opportunity to have more energy savings, reduce environmental footprint and maintain a comfortable place. The new smart thermostats are digitally optimized and can provide more utility than their old counterparts. A smart thermostat would enable you to keep track of your heating and cooling patterns and enhance your overall experience by improving the comfort levels in your home.

If you are thinking of upgrading to a smart thermostat, we would like to help you in understanding the options available and in choosing the best option for you. If you are interested, please get in touch with us so that we can provide you with a great experience.

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