Getting ‘Smart’ Can Also Equal a More Secure Home

When you first think of a smart home, we’re willing to bet the obvious come to mind: control and automation of lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, etcetera etcetera. But guess what? Certain smart home security devices can also make your home feel safer, too. From connected cameras to doorbells and locks, these devices exist to make it as easy as pie — and relatively affordable — to monitor your home from, well, just about anywhere.

For our part, we consider the following smart home security products to rank among our favourites. And if the whole spiel we’re about to lay on you isn’t convincing enough, remember, LivSmart pros are more than happy to fill you in on other exciting features when they swing by to perform fast and reliable installation on everything we’ve featured below — and more!


One of the foremost perks of living in a smart home is the ability to keep your eye on things from afar, even when you’re not actually on the premises. Truth be told, smart home security cameras can’t be beat in that regard. They not only let you check in on your children, pets and most valued possessions, but remain keenly watchful of your property, period.

Honeywell Lyric Camera

Honeywell’s Lyric C2 doesn’t just keep a vigilant lookout outdoors, but possesses the capacity to detect other unusual movements and sounds. According to the manufacturer, it is even intelligent enough to identify the difference between a crying baby and smoke alarm, before sending a notification straight to your smart device should the device hear either — no doubt a useful tool for managing the urgency of your response. Oh, and since it’s Honeywell, you can rest assured the device comes at an affordable price. A dollar saved is better than a dollar earned, as they say. The device offers you the opportunity to stop a break-in before it even happens. Nest deserves a high five for that one.


You know those age-old knock, knock jokes? Well, thanks to knock-out features like home automation compatibility, live video streaming, two-way communication, Wi-Fi- enabled apps and the like — today’s smart doorbells permit you to skip ahead to the punchline, since you’ll already know who is there!

Skybell HD

For functional home security disguised as a doorbell, we suggest you look no further than the latest offering from Skybell, which was rated best-in-class by no less an authority than CNET. In fact, despite having to concede how this very device isn’t technically a security camera, the esteemed outlet still couldn’t help but gush over how much it acts like one. After all, in addition to motion sensors that will alert you even if your visitor doesn’t press the button, it also features live monitoring so you may supervise your front door at any time by starting the video from the app. Night vision in full colour high-definition, no less is another useful tool, meaning you can feel safe because you know you’re able see any visitor, even in the dark.


Largely perceived as being the most important part of a connected home, some smart lock models merely let you

use your phone to open and close doors — or monitor who is entering or leaving your home while you’re away — while others (like the two featured here) go a step further by allowing you to assign special privileges to friends, family members or maintenance staff. All without needing to worry about lost or copied keys, either.

Rather than having to oh-so-inconveniently search your pockets or purse for keys, instead enter an access code on the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt’s touchscreen to unlock the door. Yup, we can hear that sigh of relief you just breathed, seeing as there’s absolutely no question how a touchscreen deadbolt allows for greater functionality over a traditional lock. And to make setting the lock up and using it as uncomplicated as checking your email, you can rely on the free Schlage Sense app. The result? The potential your smartphone to either lock or unlock your door from anywhere.

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