Questions You Should Ask to Ensure Your New Home Is Energy-Efficient

Buying a new home is a critical decision, and you should be careful about it. There is a lot to consider if you want to buy a comfortable home and not become regretful about your choice later. Your home is a place you and your family spend most of your time in and make amazing memories. Therefore, it’s important to make its environment as pleasant as possible and fix any potential issues. You can ask our experienced professionals at Canadian Choice Home Services for help, as they can analyze the home you want to buy accurately and explain to you all the good and negative things about it. Although it’s impossible to find an ideal home, you can still do your best to buy a home with fewer problems. There are many fraudsters lying to you to make you convinced to buy a home with many problems. In such cases, it’s your responsibility to be wise and understand their lies to prevent losing your money. The new home you want to buy should be significantly energy-efficient to bring you and your family enough comfort and save you money on energy bills. Today’s blog list some important questions you must know the answer to before you buy.

How old is the water heater?

It’s vital to check how old the water heating system is before buying a home. These days, old types of water heaters aren’t as efficient as new ones and may not meet your ideal needs. Furthermore, some homeowners like to use tankless water heating systems, which should be discussed before buying your new home.

What kind of thermostat is installed?

Recent technology of new thermostats provides offer homeowners programmable settings and can change your home’s heating and cooling based on your schedule. In this way, you save a lot of money on energy bills, so it’s necessary to ask about the technology of installing a thermostat in the home.

How old is the HVAC system?

As time goes by, new types of heating and cooling systems get introduced to homeowners to reduce their home’s energy efficiency. The HVAC system of a house is typically considered the most important factor you should check. Technology is upgrading every day, and it’s better to buy a home with a newly manufactured HVAC system. Old types of heating and cooling systems aren’t recommended by professionals because of the high risk of inefficiency.

Are air ducts sealed?

Air sealing, especially in the attic place, is significantly important to have a nicer and more comfortable home. Therefore, you have to ask about the air sealing system of the new home to make sure everything is alright. Any air leak can put damaging pressure on your home appliances and reduce their lifespans. It can make the indoor air unpleasant, especially in the summer, even if you have the best type of air conditioner in your home.

Is there any water purifier installed?

The water in some specific areas is hard, and having a water purifier system is an important need. Hence, you have to ask the seller about the installed water purifier to ensure high-quality water.

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