Useful Ways to Make Your Home More Efficient Than Before

One of the most important concerns of homeowners is finding ways to save energy costs and make their homes more comfortable. Having an energy-efficient home can bring valuable benefits that you will notice over time. There are many helpful ways to make your home more energy-efficient recommended by professionals so you can save energy costs besides saving the earth’s resources. Our professional technicians at Canadian Choice Home Services are ready to inform you about methods you can try to have a more energy-efficient home according to your home condition and personal preferences. Here we have pulled useful tips for an energy-efficient house that will help you cut your energy bills.

Try insulating your attic, walls and floors.

Using home insulations is a common and popular way to make your house energy-efficient. It might surprise you that almost one-third of your money on a heating system is wasted as the heat is lost through walls and ceilings. As most home insulation contractors explain, a properly insulated home is significantly energy-efficient, leading to considerable money savings. Home insulations act as a barrier to heat loss, so the heat won’t escape during winter, and unwanted heat won’t get inside during summers.

Have an energy-efficient hot water system.

It’s essential to use your hot water system wisely as it can cause significant changes in your energy bills. There are different types of water heating systems, but you need to decide based on your household size, budget and preferences for storage systems.

Take care of your electrical appliances’ costs.

Remember to watch the costs of common electrical appliances in your home. For instance, you need to regularly check on your HVAC system to see if there is any problem and contact a reliable technician if needed. It’s highly recommended to check the brochures of any electrical appliances before buying them so you can correctly estimate your monthly and annual running costs.

Try to set a standard temperature on your thermostat.

One of the old but valuable tricks to save energy is to wear extra layers in winter so you can turn down your heating thermostat. Furthermore, it’s better to wear lighter, cotton clothing in summer and keep the thermostat of your air conditioner between 24 to 26 degrees Celsius to decrease running costs on your cooling system as well.

Try to find air leaks.

You don’t realize how much energy your home wastes due to air leaks! It’s better to ask a professional to thoroughly examine your home so you can seal them properly and make your home more energy-efficient. Also, installing a proper air filtration system for your home is recommended if you want higher-quality indoor air and to take care of your family’s health.

If you don’t know where and how to start, we highly recommend consulting an experienced home contractor. They can give you valuable suggestions for meeting your needs in the best way possible. An energy-efficient and comfortable home are what you and your family truly deserve!

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